One of the keys to having a thriving and prosperous organization is to have a dedicated and loyal staff. This is easier said than done because many employees will argue that there is very little loyalty on the part of the businesses.

Since I spent so time much in the ethnic and mainstream media, that is very much true because the question is not if, but when one is going to be let go. Many times it has nothing to do with the performances, but rather to do with many other factors such as restructuring, etc.

Despite the volatility, not all business leaders are paying attention to this critical predicament.

In the old days, an employee stayed in one position until retirement. In return, the employer took care of them, but that is no longer the case. According to the American Bureau Labor Statistics, the average person today will change their jobs 11.2 times throughout their career.

There are many reasons as to why people change their jobs every couple of years. This could be due to lack of stability, toxic work environment, seeking greater challenges, better wages, etc.

The main reason in today’s volatile economy is that leaders are too focused on profits and taking the shortest method at the expense of their staff, customers and investors.

In today’s evolving global economy, it is essential to build stronger ties of loyalty by appreciating and respecting employees. In addition, create a meaningful and challenging but fair work environment.