Searching for a job can be a daunting task anytime of the year, especially during the summer months. Many youths have very little work experience, which is something many employers request. Here are some tips to getting the job.

When applying for a position, start searching while you are still in school because it could take much longer than you anticipate. And try to network because it is not what you know, but who you know.  And let others know that you are seeking employment because spreading your message by others is not only critical but also beneficial.

And dress up appropriately when applying for a position. I can recall at one organization when three youths walked in dressed in their shorts and caps with resumes in their hands. Then a few minutes later another person showed up with a shirt and a tie:  You guessed it as to who got the job.

Furthermore, when dropping off a resume, try to speak to the person who is hiring and politely introduce yourself. Then send a hand written note thanking them for their time.

Even if you do not get the job, do not despair. Learn from the experience and see how you could improve next time.  Good luck!