Finding employment is an active and rigorous process, especially for new immigrants. It begins by positioning yourself within your type of industry, becoming aware of the culture and companies with openings. And then positioning yourself well before the job opportunities arise.

Although you might be looking for just a job to pay the bills, but keep in mind to highlight the types of skills and qualities you will bring to the employer: management, leadership, team building, etc.

One of the biggest mistakes a large number of applicants, particularly those who are foreign educated and trained, make is that they often apply for positions in which they are over qualified for. And the employer looks at the resume and says this person is eventually going to leave. Do not undersell yourself!

Even if you do not to get the job, you are hopefully walking away having made a positive impression and a professional connection, which will help you in the future in getting that perfect job.

At the end of the day, keep in mind as to how you are going to help increase productivity and profits for your potential employer.