Going for an interview is basically one step closer to getting your ideal job. In the interview, especially if you are new to the country, know your strengths and weaknesses. And remember you do not have to be perfect, it is okay to have weaknesses. But what action are you taking to overcome those weaknesses?

For a personal assessment grab a pen and a notebook. On one page list your strengths and in the next you will list your weaknesses.

Now go back to your list and next to strength, write a sentence or two on that strength that has been applied to your career and work experiences. Brainstorm how you might discuses these experiences and your strengths with potential employers.

As you did with your strengths perform the same task with your weaknesses. Brainstorm and plan how you can discuss your weaknesses and how they have presented themselves in your work. Also consider how you can discuss the way you can overcome or compensate for your weaknesses.

Turn your weaknesses into strengths. Plan and prepare ahead of time so you can show your prospective employer that while you are aware of your weaknesses, the company will benefit from your strengths and your adaptability.
It’s important to talk about your strengths, weaknesses and relevant experiences.

If it has been a while since you have interviewed with anyone, practice ahead of time with a friend or family member. Ask them for an honest feed on your answers.

Visualize your interview ahead of time. Visualizing is a tool many successful individuals do including Olympics athletes to achieve their high level of success. You can use it too, to visualize a successful interview.