India is in the final stages of getting ready to welcome the athletes from some 70 Common Wealth countries in New Delhi. The recent short news bites of frantic preparation sends a disturbing signal to much of the world that India may not be competent to host a world function of this magnitude.

Despite the minor glitches in preparations prior to hosting the Common Wealth games, India is poised to become a super power. According to Goldman Sachs BRIC, India is forecast to have the third largest economy in the world by 2040.

In the coming years, many western businesses will be setting up offices in many parts of India as they begin to target the untapped market of over one billion plus citizens. There is a huge middle class that has a tremendous spending power, and are unwavering in so many ways to catch up to the western world.

Doing business in the largest democratic nation in the world will not be easy due to different guidelines and standards than in North America. In spite of the many obstacles, businesses that want to thrive in tomorrow’s ever changing global market cannot afford not leap into one the biggest democratic markets in the world.