These days the first priority for any organization is to hire  the most qualified candidates for a job. And then the second priority  is to retain that employee from going elsewhere or to a competitor. This makes it even more challenging when a staff in an organization is comprised of  diverse  multicultural backgrounds.

Here are just a few elements to consider when it comes to retaining most valuable employees:

  • Every staff member must be treated  fairly and with respect.
  • Establish a friendly environment where employees have the opportunity  for growth: communication, development and technology, etc.
  • No staff member should feel a bias against them.
  • Employees must be made to feel welcome and treasure them.
  • Special accommodations must be made for special occasions. For instance, certain ethnic groups are somewhat obligated to attend funerals, weddings and birthdays,
  • religious functions, etc. This is not the case in the western culture.
  • The work environment needs to be friendly – have a Diversity Business plan  where they can be “complete”. For instance, they should feel comfortable bringing in their ethnic food for lunch.
  • Be aware of the skills and talents of the staff because often they are underutilized.
  • Employees need to feel that their contribution matters.
  • All employees are given equal opportunity to climb the corporate ladder.

By keeping  valuable employees,  organizations are able to cut cost of rehiring and retraining new people. The averaged cost to hire and retain a new employee is about $10,000.