Congratulations! You have just landed  your perfect job in a company or  that this might be your first job in a newly adopted country such as Canada. What steps can you implement not only  to fit in the workplace,  but also shine to stardom?

Since there are no magic formulas but here a few points to keep in mind as you climb the corporate ladder.

Appreciate Diversity:

This may seem common sense but at times it not that common. Canada is one of the most forward thinking nations when it comes to respecting people who are different in the workplace: age; gender; sexual orientation; disability; education, religion, colour, etc. Quickly start respecting people who are different than you or hold different beliefs. These days many organizations are not only beginning to talk about diversity in the workplace but they are  beginning to implement the policies. It is no longer just window dressing!

Understand Company’s Culture:

Acknowledge company’s culture because the chances are it is quite different  than your previous workplace. For instance, it may be  formal or informal  from just the way people interact with one another.  Carefully watch, observe and follow suit.

For instance every radio station that I worked at had a different culture. In one organization, I needed to make an appoint to see the upper management,  while at another I could just knock on the door and walk in.

Find a Mentor:

Many organizations have mentors, this could be formal or informal. Mentors are extremely valuable because they can take you under their wings. This allows you to not only get to  know your job more thoroughly but also gives you the opportunity to turn to someone when there is a need. If you are new to the country, then a mentor is a must because at first everything seems is new and foreign.

Continue with Education:

Continue to update your training and education, especially if you have been educated  and trained in a foreign country.  This is important because everything is changing so quickly, especially IT. In some cases, businesses will provide some kind of financial assistance.


Whether it is a company social event or a public event, make every effort to participate. By attending you will learn not only about the company but also about the Canadian culture.