In today’s ongoing changing diverse workplace it can be difficult to communicate effectively. To get your message across  you have to be a good listener.

Are you a good listener?

In many situations, especially in a heated debate, a person is not even finished talking, before he/she is interrupted by the person who supposed to be listening. To be a good manager or an employee, you have to be a good listener.

Here are a few tips:

  • Let the other person finish their thoughts(s) before responding. DO Not interrupt.
  • Before responding, pause for one whole second. Make sure the other person has completely finished. And only then respond.
  • By pausing for one whole second it allows you to collect your thoughts. This lets the other person know that your response is not only a gut reaction but actually something you have thought through.
  • When listening watch the other person’s body language. Content is only about 10 percent but body language accounts for about 65 percent for conveying a message
  • Block out other distractions from looking at people walking by to other general noises.
  • Besides have a strong  eye contact,  be present instead let your mind wonder to other places.

Try to rephrase what is being said by the other person to make sure both parties are on a same level. And then the main objective is to solve the problem where both parties come to a mutual agreement.