A large percentage of Canadian organizations seem to overlook newly arrived immigrants who are well educated and highly skilled. This large talent pool should surely give organizations an edge in the market at home and abroad. Also they seem to be more loyal than Canadian born workers.

But somehow these new immigrants continue to encounter barriers. Blind studies have revealed that resumes sent to advertise positions with Anglo Saxon sounding names versus ethnic names, the applicants with ethnic names had almost 40 per cent less chance of getting a call for an interview.

This is shocking especially when in the coming years 33 per cent of the jobs will have to be filled by new immigrants due to baby boomers beginning to retire and low birth rates.

The businesses owners need to make sure their HR personnel are open-minded and are trained when it comes to hiring people from diverse cultural background. And that their entire staff understands that a diverse workforce brings new ideas and better solution to an organization.

One solution the Federal and Provincial governments can offer are tax breaks for small to medium size companies that hire new arrived immigrants. There are no easy solutions but it just makes economic sense by giving an opportunity to new comers so they can prove themselves in the job market.