Today’s business world is becoming much more entwined. And food is one spot where the majority of the business transactions take place or at least strong business associations are built and nourished.

Knowing simple cultural etiquettes will set you apart and at the same time let others know that you are well-cultured in more ways than one. Here are simple cultural etiquettes to keep in mind when you find yourself around a lunch or dinner table in different regions of the world.

For example in Belgium, do you know how many times you should raise your glass when toasting? If you said two times, then you are correct. And in Bolivia, the banana should be first cut with a knife and fork before eating. In some parts of Asia, the peel should be removed completely before eating a banana.

In India, try to refuse tea or other foods at least once. But when you are offered something to eat, then you must eat or at least taste it even if you are not hungry. Not eating at all could be an insult to your host.
I can recall eating three breakfasts in one hour. I learned something very important that day: eat very little in the first house!

And when in China, avoid at all cost not to drop your chopsticks, especially in a business setting because it may suggest bad luck. And if you are doing business in South Korea, it is a good idea to at least refuse food offering three times.