Many businesses boast about diversity in their workplace, however, in many cases it is nothing more than song and day.  Having somas and perogies once or twice a year is not diversity. Diversity in the workplace must reflect the business model: mission and vision statement. Having true diversity equals profits and productivity!

I recently met a well to do business person who stated that his company implemented diversity many years ago by having people from all cultural backgrounds. I congratulated him. When I asked about the salary aspect.  He refused to answer! (I got the answer).

I can recall many years ago working at a local radio station where someone started seven years after I did with no radio experience made much as I did. When I discovered and confronted the management: no answer.

It is important to pay equal wages to all employees despite their backgrounds, assuming their qualifications are equal. When certain people get higher wages without any merits, other employees eventually find out and become disgruntle.

Then not only the morale but also productivity and profits decrease. In many cases the individuals leave, and the company has to rehire and retrain, which costs money in the long term.