Every organization wants to increase productivity and profits because at the end of the day that is actually what matters. And this often can be challenging in today’s diverse workforce which is comprised of different groups: Most experienced – born before 1946; Baby boomers; Gen-X; 20-something; multicultural diverse workforce (gays, lesbians and a variety of ethnicities).

Here a several steps to incorporate:

Build Trust:
To build trust takes time and patience and does not occur overnight. It is important to show compassion and do what you are going to say. And offer valuable criticism for one to grow within the organization.

Make Them Part of Team:

Teamwork is an exciting way to work and build camaraderie. It fosters creativity and gives each person a role to fill. It also tells your employees they are valued and your trust them– key ingredient for employee satisfaction.

Cultural Differences Lead to Misunderstandings:

For instance, looking straight in the eyes of an Asian or South Asian person could be disrespectful. When you are speaking, they might look down a sign of respect. In Western cultures, we may view it as lying or not paying attention.
As a manager or leader, it is your responsibility to educate yourself first and foremost and then to pass that education onto your staff.

Trust and Respect Them:

It seems everyone has a horror story about micromanager. It is just not a good way to build a positive working relationship and it belittles your role as a manager. An effective manager/leader defines and assigns tasks, creates a system of the assortment and evaluations, and then trusts employees have the ability to make it happen.

Be Able to Inspire Them:

One of the ways to inspire employee is someone who they can trust, someone who is not afraid to make difficult decisions. And someone who provides an opportunity and hope. And also one who honestly enjoys their job and life.

In many cases, employees do not leave because of low wages but rather due to toxic work environment. It is important that all employees feel welcome and respected not only in harmony but for productivity and profits.