In many parts of the Western world, particularly in Canada, the population growth of ethnic minorities and various genders, religions, age and sexual preferences is sky rocketing. And internationally, we now live in a global market; any company that wants to do business overseas (at home) must develop the resources in its workforce and suppliers in order to compete successfully.

            Points to Ponder:

  • Every organization must have a strategic plan if they want to survive and prosper in the 21st century.
  • What are some of the demographics of your clients?
  • Which are the main languages spoken by your clients?
  • Does your organization have a membership in prominent Ethnic professional associations?
  • Does your organization have Diversity at the senior management level, the Board of Directors?
  • Do your HR personnel advertise in ethnic mdia ?
  • Is there a large number of turnovers in one particular group of people? Why?

Every organization must be proactive if it wants to survive and compete effectively on the world stage. Furthermore, Diversity must be taken seriously and should be part of a corporate business strategy.