Many organizations these days are beginning to recognize the importance of cultural diversity training in the workplace but still it is not on their top priority list. It is essential that such education is part of the regular training, especially when today’s workforce is diverse: baby boomers, Gen X, Gen Y, gays and lesbians and a huge multicultural staff.

It is vital to have diversity training because it brings cultural harmony in the workplace as it allows people from different backgrounds to have greater understanding of one another.

For instance, cultural diversity training can alleviate misunderstandings:

  • When a young technical savvy person gets annoyed at the older worker for not keeping up with technology.
  • Baby boomers may begin to criticize the younger generation for lack of work ethics and loyalty.
  • When some workers get irritated or do not understand why people from certain ethnic cultures need to pray five times a day especially when they are at work.

The misunderstandings in the workplace can create havoc such as high staff turnover which makes the company allocate more resources to hire and train new employees.

In today’s diverse cultural workplace, businesses need to make diversity as regular curriculum training because it generates not only harmony but also productivity and profits. In reality, that is the bottom line for any business!