These days, decision makers are finally getting the message that implementing diversity initiatives in their organization make business sense. Practically every business requires new techniques to take full advantage of the many opportunities, whether operating domestically or world wide. At the end of the day, a corporation’s diversity policy affects its revenue.

But here are some questions that the HR department as well as other decision makers want to ask themselves.

  1. Does your organization have a diversity strategy? If so, what is it? Is it incorporated in your company philosophy, vision and mission statements?
  2. If you have diversity processes in place, are the systems or initiatives working? Why or why not?
  3. What processes are currently in place to achieve your organization’s diversity goals and objectives?
  4. Does your company measure diversity initiatives and strategies for effectiveness? If yes, how and what do you measure?
  5. Does your organization have a budget to support its diversity strategy?
  6. What does senior leadership do to demostrage its commitments to diversity?
  7. Do you measure employee satisfaction, overall and with diversity issues and initiatives?
  8.  Do you have diversity training and education programs?
  9.  What are your organization’s top diversity goals and objectives for 2015?

Some possibilities include:

  • Mentoring
  • Training
  • Requirement
  • Management involvement
  • Regular inclusion of diversity topics at meeting
  • Recognition of diversity champions
  • Community involvement and outreach