During the past several year’s diversity has become  a buzz word in many modest and large businesses/corporations. Higher officials of these organizations  have good intentions to create diversity initiatives, however, only a small percentage of the initiatives are actually implemented.

When companies do not take diversity seriously as a business entity, the following will be evident:

  • Increased disengagement. Employees will feel disconnected from the company and not part of the team.
  • Fatigue will set in. Productivity and energy will decrease.
  • Disillusionment. A prevailing attitude of “it just does not matter” will begin to permeate the consciousnesses of the employees. They too will begin to not follow through and will lack commitment to the company and company objectives.
  • Lack of financial strength. Company profits will suffer as employee turnover grows, productivity decreases, and staffing initiatives are derailed because no one wants to be employed by a company with poor employee morale and an inability for management to follow through on initiatives.

The reality is that to implement diversity can be difficult. This is why it is important that assessment and evaluation needs to be conducted, goals to be created, and strategies have to  be implemented to achieve tangible goals. And measurements established to evaluate success, and, of course, recognition for those who achieve diversity goals and repercussions for those who do not.