These days more than ever before diversity is a buzzword in small and large organizations. Despite that for a large percentage of decision makers it is only a chatter without any concrete actions. If a company does not have a serious commitment  towards diversity  resources and training , then  the following will be evident:

  • Increased disengagement. Employees will feel disconnected from the company and not part of the team.
  • Fatigue. Productivity and energy will decrease.
  • Lack of financial force. Company profits will suffer as employee turnover grows, productivity decreases and staffing initiatives are derailed because no one wants to be employed by a company with poor employee morale.  And an inability for management to follow through on initiatives.
  • Disillusionment. A prevailing attitude of “it just does not matter” will begin to permeate the consciousness of the employees. They too will begin to not follow through and will lack commitment to the company  objectives.

This is why it is very important for an honest assessment and evaluation to be conducted, goals to be created, strategies implemented to achieve those goals, measurement established to evaluate success. Diversity needs to be taken seriously. Businesses that want to succeed in the ever changing global market need to keep the following in mind: Become Aware, Commit and Embrace diversity.