Romantic comedy “Crazy Rich Asians” was No. 1 for two weekends in a row at the box office in North America, and so far generated over $135 million in ticket sales. Hopefully this movie is a turning point for not only the Asian cast, but also for other actors of color in Hollywood.

The last time there was an all Asian cast in a Hollywood studio film was over twenty five years ago, “The Joy Luck Club”. Since then studios were reluctant to venture out thinking such movies would not be viewed favorably and not generate any revenue.

Well, this simply goes to show that Hollywood has been wrong because there is a huge movie goer who are not Caucasian. It is vital that Hollywood cinema reflect people who are Asians, South Asians, Hispanics, Indigenous, Blacks, LGBT, and others under represented not only in downgrading roles, but rather in prominent roles such as in “Crazy Rich Asians.”

Since diversity is practically non- existent in Hollywood, hopefully now film studios will be favorable in casting actors of color than the usual white cast. Besides entertainment, studios main objective is to generate money, hopefully now the decision makers realized that there is a huge untapped market.

According to the director of “Crazy Rich Asians”, Jon M. Chu, was offered big bucks to go with Netflix, but he decided to go with Warner Brothers because “we had an agenda to get this to the most eyeballs, but at a place that it could affect the most people.”

He wanted to make a bigger impact on a large cinema screen to send Hollywood a message that films based on ethnic stories are also compelling.

In the film, a simple down to earth girl meets a wealthy boyfriend who takes here to meet his parents back in Asia. The film did a beautiful backstabbing intrigue, and grand romance set in a glided world of opulence.

As an actor some twenty years ago, I often ended up being cast as a terrorist and taxi driver, well let’s hope that is beginning to change. Let’s hope that more stories will made of different experiences not only of Asian-North Americans but as well as other minorities.