How does diversity impact today’s changing global business environment? First, all organizations need to recognize that they will not be able to compete successfully on the world stage if they do not embrace cultural diversity.

Diversity in the workplace simply means having a competitive edge because it allows business leaders to be more innovative and open to change of different points of view. It also permits companies to be more tolerant and understanding when it comes to age, religions, disability, sexual preferences, economic background, etc.

More than ever before different organization around the world are beginning to form joint business partnerships so they could compete efficiently on the world stage.

Leaders need to be aware that how business transactions are carried out in Toronto is much different in comparison to New York or Beijing.

The attitudes of the CEOs, executives,  managers and HR personnel  need to change when it comes to having diversity in the workplace: the benefits are astounding: innovation, better decisions and improved performance and productivity.

Diversity must be viewed as a business opportunity and not as a hindrance.