At a job interview, you have only five to seven seconds to make that first lasting impression, and in most cases you probably have said very little if anything.  Within these first critical moments, the interviewer will probably determine whether to like you, not like you or if you should get the job.

Then how does one without saying practically very little make that first lasting impression?

First, dress the part. If you are applying for a position as a manger, then dress as a manager would in that company.  A simple suit and tie are appropriate but do not go over- board and outshine the interviewer. Females need to be careful not to overdo it, avoid lots of jewellery and makeup. And the hair should be done a professional manner.

Then comes shaking the interviewer’s hand, it should be strong and firm without knuckle crushing.  This is extremely important for new immigrants to avoid a “limp hand shake” because in many cultures such hand shake is the norm.  This rule also applies to all females that having a solid handshake is a must.

Then a nice and simple smile, and look straight into the eyes of the interviewer. In many Asian and South Asian cultures, one has a tendency not to look straight into the eyes of a person: a sign of respect. In the western culture this would be viewed as one lying or not telling the truth.

These basic simple rules will allow one to have a positive first impression. Good luck!