The future is upon us. Businesses, both on-line and off, are now employing people from around the world. Call centers, writing, technology, and a whole host of series can now be outsourced overseas. Additionally, various overseas companies are right here in North America employing thousands.  Honda, for example, has a huge plant presence in Ohio.

It is already a global marketplace and, as the trend continues, cultures will mingle and work toward common causes. In future it will be the norm for people to work in other parts of the world from Ukraine to Brazil.

Consider the benefits to your career and your company’s productivity and profits if the etiquette of the culture is understood and appreciated.

Imagine the effect it has on you when someone you have just met has put forth the effort to understand your culture’s etiquette. Not only is it a recognizable effort, it’s a tremendous sigh of respect.

Whether you are selling, negotiating, or simply trying to work together towards a common goal, good things happen when cultures respect and follow etiquette customs.