Here are some  diversity elements which your company should recognize and perhaps address the issues.

  • In today’s global business market, management requires the expertise and tools to deal with changing demographics in the general market place and workforce in the 21st century
  • The key is first to understand that the labor workforce is shifting – the bottom line is profits. . Today’s  workforce consist of baby boomers, X-Generation, Y-Generation, ay and Lesbians and new immigrants.
  • In the ever-changing global markets, companies need to think globally if they want to thrive and succeed. But it will not be easy- for instance Canada is a nation that celebrates mulicultrualism but is still having problems with it.
  • Racism is often more than a social dilemma – it is an economic! Studies conducted by  Canadian universities have revealed that biases still exist even in major cities such as Vancouver, Montreal and Toronto. Resumes sent with ethnic sounding names, especially Chinese and East Indian, have close to 39 per cent less chance of getting a call for an interview comparing to Anglo-Saxon names.
  •  Minorities continue  to  face  obstacles not only getting a chance to hired but also promotion – these obstacles often are hidden and unspoken.
  • Employees have global knowledge an converse in more than one language. This exhibits that   they can thick in more than one way to come up with ideas and solutions, which in the affects  the success of the company.
  • Embrace the diverse workforce; draw upon their unique talents which ultimately affect your company’s  profits and productivity.