One of the main benefits of a diverse workforce in today’s changing environment is the power behind all of the experiences, and ideas a team is able to generate.

However, if that insight and creativity are never accessed, a business could be missing out on an extremely valuable asset.

To successfully manage diverse workforce (Baby Boomer, x-generation, Y-generation, gays/lesbians and a multicultural staff, etc.) initiatives need to be put in place to encourage expression, access skills and strengths. And utilized each employee’s strengths in their optimal within an organization.

In many incidents, older as well as new workers from other countries may be reluctant to participate in group discussions for fear of rejection or being looked down upon by their colleagues. And often they say nothing or very little when it comes to brainstorming new concepts.

In other cases, their input is not always recognized. Managers need to create a friendly and harmonious work environment where every employee’s input is appreciated.

One of the many obligations of an astute manager is to bring out the best talents of their staff for the sake of profits and productivity.

Also important to keep in mind is that when employees feel their skills are valued then they are more likely to be content in their current jobs, and less likely to seek other employment elsewhere.