The demographics in today’s Canadian workplace are changing.  And if any organization is not making efforts to recruit top professionals from diverse cultural backgrounds then chances are that business is missing out on the top talent.

It doesn’t take a brain surgeon to know that not having individuals from diverse backgrounds a company will not be able to compete effectively with competitors.  In addition, an organization will lose its market share.

Diversity in the workplace generates creativity which ultimately improves productivity and profitability. With changing times, businesses will have no choice but to recruit candidates who can think out of the box, and come up with innovative ideas. By having diverse talent it simply gives an organization an edge in a global market which is becoming smaller but more competitive.

A company that truly values differences promotes productivity. This is often done through people having high morale, feeling of a belonging and job satisfaction. Employees often leave positions not because of the lack of money but rather due to toxic environment or a place where they feel not respected.

I worked in a radio station many years ago where the staff members came an hour before their shift started and stayed late. At times the employees even came in on their days off just to say “hello” because the working environment was caring and welcoming.  And then when the ownership changed within weeks the working environment became bitter and unpleasant.

Having diversity is one thing, but making it inclusive is another which takes time, resources and creativity.