In today’s workplace discrimination is a serious issue not only for the employee but also for the organization. All types of regulations are put in place in many of the western countries such as Canada to prevent any type of discrimination but it still happens whether it is gender, age, ethnicity, sexual preference or even disability.

What is discrimination in the workplace?

Discrimination can vary from bullying, racial slurs to even being passed over for promotion due to age: no discrimination of any type should be tolerated.

Since I have experienced it first hand, it can be demoralizing. It can also cause absenteeism, low productivity and high turnover. Among others it could even cause depression.

If you are caught up in this horrible scenario, here are some basic steps you can take. First speak with your supervisor and the HR department to let them know of your concerns.  And if that results in no satisfactory outcome, then speak with your trade union and file an official complaint. Make sure you document the time, who you spoke with and what action was taken.

Organizations need to pay greater attention to workplace discrimination especially when the workforce is becoming more culturally diverse. And take appropriate action to rectify the problem.