In today’s diverse cultrual workforce, it is necessary for employers to create cultrual harmony and morale in the workplace where all employees are appreciated and have a true sense of belonging.

I have worked in many facets of the media :radio, print, television and the film industry before I wrote my book, “Achieving Prosperity through Diversity”, and started diversity training in the workplace. At one time I even ventured outside of the media for three years to sharpen my managerial skills as an assistant manager at a well established super market.

Thinking back now, one of the best places I ever worked at was a multilingual radio station in Metro Vancouver. There I was appreciated, welcomed and truly had a sense of belonging unlike many other employers. The owner (and his daughter) created a working environment where they went out of their way to treat every employee with utmost respect.

Even when things did not go according to plan, whether it was on the air or sales were down, the management team never lost its cool putting everyone at ease. Furthermore, the environment was enhanced by taking small but simple steps to create “unity” among all staff members.

Every Friday was known as “Fat Friday” where one or two staff members brought enough goodies for the entire staff of some twenty-five employees. And then everyone’s birthday was acknowledged by having a birthday cake or flowers.

By no means was the working environment perfect, but far superior to many other places where the management or owners had no concept or even cared to go out of their way to accommodate their staff.

Furthermore, a large number of staff members rarely looked for employment elsewhere, which is rare in the media, and several on-air personalities worked there for over twenty years. Often many employees came to work an hour early and stayed late and other times came in on their days off just to say “hello”. This is rare!

It is these little steps that set one employer apart from another. The key to success in today’s business is to make all employees part of a team that is cherished and unified. The bottom line: productity and profits.