With baby boomers beginning to retire this year, in conjunction with low birth rates, many Canadian businesses better get ready for labour shortage. Due to recession, many companies did not feel much pressure about shortage of workers, but that is about to change!

Although Canada is still in a somewhat recession mode, but certain sectors of the economy are already beginning to feel the pinch. And this will get only worse once the economy begins to recover and accelerate.

One short term solution is to bring foreign trained workers. This scenario is already taking place in some parts of the country. In New Brunswick, many businesses have started recruiting individuals from Romania. And in British Columbia, a lot of the farm workers are being brought in from Mexico.

The only real solution for Canada’s looming problem is more immigration. And luckily much of today’s newcomers are well educated and trained. Will this be enough to fill the vacant positions in the long term?  Probably not, because people may not want to relocate when their respected countries begin to recover economically.

No different than when many Europeans in the 1960’s/70’s stopped coming from such places as Italy and Greece when their economies and life styles began to improve. Then there was no need for them to relocate to Canada.