These days it is vital to have a stable and healthy workforce because otherwise an organization ends up being  a revolving door. Constantly having to replace workers can be expensive not only in dollars but also in time. In addition, it begins to have a harmful effect on the company’s bottom line and morale.

To create a friendly  atmosphere designed to achieve a high level of employee retention requires diversity training education on a regular basis. In addition, mentoring whether formal or informal also plays a pivotal role in making newcomers feel welcome.

Since much of today’s workplace is extremely culturally diverse, many other elements have to come into play to make the workplace an ideal.

Here a few other tips:

  • Be proactive when it comes celebrating or acknowledging special occasions. This could St. Patrick’s Parade, Indian Diwali  or Chinese New Year or even perhaps another lesser known event.
  • Be flexible. Unlike in the western culture, in some other cultures attending weddings, birthdays or funerals is mandatory even when it is not a close friend or relative.
  • Conduct interviews or short survey on a regular basis to see how things are going and where can improvements take place. Often employee views  are hardly heard, never mind taken seriously.  Do so because their just may worthwhile.
  • Try to create an appreciation day every few months where staff members are appreciated and recognized for their hard work.
  • When evaluating, always try to apply the sandwich technique. Start with complimenting their work, then see where and how they could improve. And finally wrap up with something positive.

To create  unity and harmonious workplace, it takes effort from all levels within the company to make it a success.