These days, it’s very important to have a stable workforce, otherwise an organization becomes a revolving door. Constantly having to replace employees is costly both in time and money and it has a detrimental effect on company morale.

To create a welcoming atmosphere designed to achieve a high level of employee retention, then mentoring and diversity training and education both go a long way toward creating an environment where people feel welcome.

On the surface, this may seem like an easy task; however, a quick employee assessment on how welcoming your workplace is might tell a different story. While there is no right way to achieve this ideal environment, the best approach is to get your employees involved in creating strategies and establishing initiatives to improve workforce morale.

Here are just some suggestions for companies:

  • Try to be flexible. Certain cultures have different requests such as attending funerals/weddings of extended relatives/ friends, which is often not the norm among the mainstream western society.
  • Be very proactive by celebrating/acknowledging special occasions such as Diwali (Indian festival of lights), Vaisakhi (Sikh New Year), Chinese New Year, Ramadan, Black history month, St. Paticks Parade, Christmas, etc. These occasions should be cherished and embraced.
  • Create a team of employees from all levels of the company whose objective is to improve the atmosphere and ensure all employees feel welcome and respected. This may include appreciation days, welcoming committees, and recognition for accomplishments as they relate to diversity goals.These suggestions, coupled with mentoring, training and education, and leaders who walk the talk and model appropriate behavior, set the stage for a high level of employee satisfaction and employee retention.

In the book Generations at Work, by Ron Zemke, Claire Raines and Bob Filipczak, they provide the following acronym, ACORN, to outline how to create a welcoming atmosphere.

A – Accommodate employee differences

C – Create workplace choices

O – Operate from a sophisticated management style

R – Respect competence and initiative

N – Nourish retention

Create a workforce that welcomes all employees from all walks of life and makes them feel respected and valued. Furthermore differences must be accommodated for, choices must be made available without judgment, management must embrace diversity personally and professionally, and respect must be given—these are just some of the keys elements to creating a welcoming place.