Our changing demographics in the workplace is taking on a new look as people from diverse cultural backgrounds come together under one roof. And it is important that congenial communication be carried out on a regular basis.

Acknowledging one another on a certain level makes all of us feel more at ease and a little closer. Then one realizes that they have a lot more in common than first lead to believe.

It is important to bring cultural harmony in the workplace not only for productivity and profitability but also for stability. High turnover can be very costly, it is estimated that to hire a new employee it can cost on an average about $10,000. Many employees quit not because of money but due toxic work environment.

Here are a couple of ways achieve congenial and better understanding. Have a luncheon gathering on a regular basis, which gives all employees the opportunity to speak up and get to know one another.

The other way is to facilitate a special function such as Saint Patrick’s Parade, Chinese New Year or Diwali. Try to have a diverse team of employees to participate in organizing the event.

Often when such functions are highlighted in the workplace, many employees come for a short time, and leave after eating and socializing without understanding the true meaning behind the function. It is important to offer a brief meaning of the function.

Today’s workplace will continue to become even more diverse in the coming years. It is important for all of us to do our part in making the workplace a more welcoming place where everyone feels they are embraced and respected.