Cultural diversity must be looked upon as an opportunity, not as an hindrance.  A diverse staff knows what kind of merchandise is required in places that you may never go to. For example are you aware as to what sells in certain parts of your neighborhood that has a large ethnic population? Or places such as  Indonesia, Turkey and China? If not, a diverse team of employees probably do.

Diversity is about more than embracing it internally with policies and procedures. Customers are diverse, and in order to understand and meet their needs, your organization must have  inside representation, acknowledgement, and support.

These days diversity is about more than positive actions. It is about understanding prejudices (our own and others), it is about discussion, education, training, compassion and a genuine effort to change corporate missions, visions and strategies.

However, embracing diversity is not easy as it sounds. For many there is the fear of “change” because many do not like any kind of change because of the unknown. But change in the global market  as well as at home is already happening and your business must adapt for it to  survive and thrive.

Everyone in the workplace from top to bottom needs to know why diversity is not only required but also must  be told of the benefits.

By having diversity in the workplace it allow organizations to think out of the box to find solutions to problems, which leads to greater profits and productivity. And this ultimately leads to job stability and hopefully higher wages for the employees