The average Canadian workplace comprises staff from diverse cultural backgrounds: baby boomers, X-generation, the Y – generation, 20-something, gays/ lesbians, people with disability, and a huge multicultural staff.

Harmony in the workplace is vital to having a successful business because otherwise productivity and profitability begin to suffer.

In the real world there is often some sort of tension in the average workplace. This could arise from personality differences, cultural elements or even an employee with a tendency not to finish projects on time, etc.

Here are some tips to dealing with workplace tensions.

  1. Always listen attentively to what the other person is saying.
  2. Before responding, take a deep breath, exhale and then count to two before answering back. This very short time allows you to collect your thoughts and respond appropriately.  This allows you to be calm and also makes you look professional.
  3. Try to put the other person’s shoes on and see issues from their perspective.
  4. Speaking with that person is always beneficial; often it is nothing more than a misunderstanding. And if all fails, then take your concern to higher authorities.
  5. To attain any kind of resolution, one must always “give and take”.

Businesses need to understand that holding workshops and seminars on a regular basis is important. It offers tools and strategies to alleviate tension in the workplace.