Diversity in Hollywood – Crazy Rich Asians

Romantic comedy "Crazy Rich Asians" was No. 1 for two weekends in a row at the box office in North America, and so far generated over $135 million in ticket sales. Hopefully this movie is a turning point for not only the Asian cast, but also for other actors of color in Hollywood. The last [...]

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Emergency Doctors Extra Vigilant with Ethnic Patients

Every day the emergency rooms are filled with people from different ethnic backgrounds, religions and languages. Often western doctors and nurses are not only overwhelmed trying to treat the injured, but more pressing is that they are not always able to communicate effectively with the patients. Speaking to a medical practitioner some time ago at [...]

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Make Diversity a Workplace Priority

The business global market is changing at an unprecedented rate.  And your success and ability to compete in an increasingly global market depends on your capacity to embrace diversity and acknowledge the many benefits. It starts with the CEOs, executives,  top-level managers and then trickles down to include each and every member of staff. It [...]

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Give Job Opportunity to New Immigrants

A large percentage of Canadian organizations seem to overlook newly arrived immigrants who are well educated and highly skilled. This large talent pool should surely give organizations an edge in the market at home and abroad. Also they seem to be more loyal than Canadian born workers. But somehow these new immigrants continue to encounter [...]

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Supporting a Diverse Workforce

It is one thing to say you support a diverse workforce and another thing to actually create, lead and manage diversity initiatives. When employees lose faith in the company’s diversity commitment, they also lose faith in the company! When this happens, companies lose productivity, they lose profits and they lose employees. This can happen by: [...]

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Racism on the Decline

  I recently attended a forum in Vancouver, B.C. called – How racists are we? And quickly learned that hardcore ill-feelings toward others who are different still exist when several people were asked to leave after they became rude and  disorderly. Racism is no longer what it used to be  but subtle racism still exists [...]

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Senior Management Vital for Diversity Initiatives to Work

Creating diversity initiatives in a company are a great start, but for anything to actually come about there is one important body of the organization that has to be brought on board and that is the top management. Without the 100% support of the senior management, there is very little chance that anything will be [...]

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Food Etiquettes Abroad

Today’s business world is becoming much more entwined. And food is one spot where the majority of the business transactions take place or at least strong business associations are built and nourished. Knowing simple cultural etiquettes will set you apart and at the same time let others know that you are well-cultured in more ways [...]

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Adapt to Cultural Differences

Some time ago I had an acquaintance who I will call Shane drop by on a business trip from South India.  I decided to take him to a prominent Indian restaurant. After a small chit-chat we ordered food and everything seems to be going quite well.  Few minutes later, I excused myself to go to [...]

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