Pre-employment assessment, skill testing and interviewing:

In the coming weeks I will be posting a number of segments from Vervoe, a publication that covers various issues such as flexible working, branding, automation, how-tos and tips on interview scripts, tests and more. Verve helps organizations such as Uber to assess a candidate’s accomplishments and style in order to get to the right [...]

Canada Welcomes Syrian Refugees

This week Canada has allowed in close to 10,000  Syrian refugees and in the next couple of months another 15,000 will call Canada their homeland. This kind of gesture is important for wealthy nations such as  Canada, especially when much of this nation is comprised of immigrants from around the world. However, there will be [...]

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Career, Education and Settlement Fair

  As a keynote speaker at the Career, Education and Settlement Fair, I will be talking about “8 Key Steps to Getting Hired”.  There are many newly arrived immigrants and other Canadians who have the skills but are lacking that little edge to get into the workplace. This one day free session presented by the [...]

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Adaptability is Vital to Being Successful

As a guest lecturer at various post-secondary education institutions I get the opportunity to assist new professional immigrants to enter the Canadian workforce. The majority of these individuals are extremely keen, and highly educated such as doctors, engineers and teachers. Although they want to enter their professions but some of them still resist change because [...]

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New Immigrants: Get Out of Your Comfort Zone

Coming to a new country such as Canada or any other western nation can be extremely difficult. First it is the language, then trying to find employment and then there is just simply fitting in! But what sets apart one immigrant from another when it comes to making themselves not only comfortable but also feeling [...]

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Wanting to be Accepted

In May’s edition I was featured in Canadian Immigrant, and since I have received overwhelming support and inquiries from how to look for a job to how to stay motivated in career/life/networking, etc. in Canada. The story in the national magazine profiled me growing up as an immigrant, orphan child in a small sawmill town [...]

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Soft Skills Critical for New Immigrants

Finding a good job is a daunting task for any person, but for a new immigrant this can be even more challenging. In many instances their work experience or education credentials are not recognized. But there is even something more lurking underneath which many new immigrants fail to understand. After the interview, many qualified applicants [...]

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Soft Skills Critical for New Immigrants

 A large number of new immigrants find many challenges when it comes to finding employment. And once they go through the interview process, they are often informed that they do not have Canadian work experience. What the employer often is telling them indirectly is that they are lacking in “soft skills”. These are simple, but [...]

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Multiculturalism Favoured by Young Canadians

Multiculturalism is more favourable among young Canadians than older according to a recent study conducted by Ledger Marketing. The study finds eighty-two per cent from age 18-24 stated they approve in multiculturalism and should be exported to other countries to help address with religion, ethnicity and language tensions. However, only 57 per cent of age [...]

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