To Make Diversity Training More Effective: Practice Daily

  Organizations offering diversity and inclusion training once or twice a year is a great start. Such training allows the staff to have greater understanding and appreciation of different cultures which ultimately reduces prejudice, discrimination and creates greater cultural harmony. However, one of the main reasons why diversity training is not always successful is because [...]

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Motivation: The Law Of Attraction

It has been said that you become what you think about  most of the times. Your positive thoughts and attitude  will shape the world around you. If you desire to change something such as wanting to lose weight or just trying be healthier. Here is a simple technique(s) to get you started on the right [...]

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Motivation: What is Holding You Back?

Are you living your ideal  life? Are you one of  those individuals who had huge dreams, but for whatever reason did not take action.  If you said yes, then probabilities are  that you are not alone.  For various reasons, a large number of people do not fulfill their dreams and ambitions. Here are some suggestions [...]

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Motivation: Know How to Take Action

I am certain that you know someone or perhaps even yourself who is motivated to embark on something different or in spirit such as starting a new  career or running a marathon. Yet, in some ways this dream or idea,  never truly gets off because there is always tomorrow or something more important has come [...]

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Motivation: Mind Over Matter

All of us starting from birth, encounter  a variety of obstacles and challenges in life. Some setbacks we can deal with quite easily while others, such as losing a family member can be more difficult  to cope with. And everyone deals with these and other incidents  in life at a different level depending on their [...]

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Habits of Successful People

When it comes to finding the right employment or succeeding life in general, it takes dedication, hard work and persistence. (At times luck) For instances  when we see athletes competing in sports and they make it look so easy, but what we do not see is the 99 percent effort they have put in behind [...]

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