Building Bridges: The Positive Impact of Christmas Celebrations on Workplace Harmony

  In the modern, diverse landscape of workplaces, the celebration of Christmas has become a topic of debate. Some argue that it's a tradition steeped in religious connotations, while others view it as an opportunity for fostering inclusivity and understanding among employees. Regardless of personal beliefs, there are compelling reasons why businesses should not shy [...]

Discrimination Legacy Still Present in Canada

  On the surface, Canada presents the image of a nation of peace and calm, but unfortunately, it still carries the colonial undertone of racism, bigotry, and xenophobia. Recently a Muslim family of five was deliberately ambushed by a twenty-year-old driver in  London, Ontario that sent shock waves throughout this multicultural country of 38 million [...]

Know What Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Diversity Trainer

    When seeking a diversity and inclusion trainer to deliver sessions for your company, you need to make sure the individual measures up.  In most cases, the HR personnel or someone in the training department requests a firm that specializes in diversity to facilitate the delivery of workshops or seminars to their employees. But [...]

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Why Diversity and Inclusion Training Sessions Become Ineffective?

  In recent months due to anti-racism protests in the US and Canada, some organizations have recently mandated to have Diversity and Inclusion training for their workforce.  The decision-makers have finally recognized that D/I training education is necessary for today's diverse, unique work environment not only for greater understanding but also for respect and acceptance. [...]

Hate Crimes on the Rise Among Asians

  One would think  during these unprecedented times the goodness of humanity would triumph. Yet, instead horrific elements of mankind are surfacing in   Vancouver, a multicultural city that often boasts itself as one of the most livable and greenest cities in the world. While most people are staying inside, afraid of catching the coronavirus, but [...]

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Lessons From COVID 19

  Is there a bigger underlining message during these uncertain and challenging times of COVID 19? This novel coronavirus  pandemic has created much chaos and misery for billions of people, rich and poor,  around the world.  And the one-time thriving economic climate has nearly come  to a grinding halt as governments worldwide attempt to pump large [...]

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To Make Diversity Training More Effective: Practice Daily

  Organizations offering diversity and inclusion training once or twice a year is a great start. Such training allows the staff to have greater understanding and appreciation of different cultures which ultimately reduces prejudice, discrimination and creates greater cultural harmony. However, one of the main reasons why diversity training is not always successful is because [...]

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