This week Canada has allowed in close to 10,000  Syrian refugees and in the next couple of months another 15,000 will call Canada their homeland. This kind of gesture is important for wealthy nations such as  Canada, especially when much of this nation is comprised of immigrants from around the world.

However, there will be many challenges  on a regular basis for them  as well as for other newcomers , no different than people who came before them. One good news is that these Syrian refugees are private and government sponsored which makes a little easier for them to have a new start in life.

Some of the challenges they  will encounter is finding  suitable  employment, especially if they do not speak English or French.  And then often their credentials  are not accepted, especially when there is no way to confirm those credentials or way to get them since  Syria is still  engulfed in a civil war.

The other element they could face is subtle racism from employment to even renting a home. Just recently  someone committed a barbaric act in Metro Vancouver by pepper spraying some Syrian bystanders as they waited outside. This person needs to be caught and charged.

To make their settlement more productive,  all levels of government need to assist them to simulate into the Canadian way of life by offering free English classes and encouraging them to integrate into  the mainstream society. The worst thing any person can do is to stay among their own people.

And then the newcomers have to do their part which is to take every opportunity to know how the Canadian society works. And try to embrace the many  values of the Canadian society cherishes such as freedom,  respect for cultural differences and  commitment to social justice.