Canada is facing a labour shortage as skilled workers are difficult to find. And if this trend continues then more organizations will face a similar scenario in the coming years. Less skilled workers equal less profits and productivity.

According to a study by McKinsey and Company on “The State of Human Capital” many business owners are holding back from making any type of business initiatives largely due to a shortage of qualified workers. In some cases they are having difficulties finding new workers altogether.

To make matters worse, many students still favour of pursuing degrees for white collar positions. This problem is even prevalent among many ethnic cultures who want their children to be lawyers and doctors, and shy away from blue collar positions.

It is predicted that one out of three positions will have to be filled immigrants who are not even here yet. The next dilemma is getting not only the immigrants but also Canadians to go where the jobs are: North.

Schools, agencies and governments need to do a better job of educating the younger generation that to do well in life they need to pursue high paying in demand careers such as gas fitters, etc.