Sometime ago China over took Japan as having the second largest economy in the world.  In the coming years more business owners will begin to pay even greater attention to the one time sleepy nation, however, conducting business transactions can still be tricky. Knowing how to conduct yourself in China is important for the sake of your career and your company’s productivity and profits.

Here are simple things to keep in mind, building relationships are very important. For example when given a business card, receive with both hands. Read the card before putting it away. Have your business cards printed on one side in English and Cantonese or Mandarin on the other side.

Make sure it is not the classical characters from Hong Kong or Taiwan – there is a difference.  If giving gifts, Chinese people are expected to refuse a couple of times before accepting.  Choose gifts that come in pair, and make sure the gift is of higher quality.

Furthermore, hierarchy is very important and do not call anyone by their first name, it is a sign of disrespect.  The people in China are very superstitious, do not use number four, it means death. Plus avoid at all cost of writing in red ink, it symbolizes that the writer will die soon.

 During business meetings, do not get upset when a family or martial discussion comes up. Here are just some of the etiquette when conducting businesses in China. Not knowing how to conduct yourself could be detrimental to your career and your company. Good luck.