Whether one admits to it or not the business corporate culture is being modified at this very moment. This is because the business world is becoming much smaller, but at the same time extremely more competitive. And for any organization to survive they  need to adapt quickly.

What is required is that the management must address certain issues such  as the hiring practices. For instance, many surveys have clearly highlighted a problem where applicants with ethnic sounding names have almost 40 per cent less chance of being called for an interview than Anglo Saxon sounding names in major Canadian cities like Vancouver, Montreal and Toronto

This is alarming especially when in the coming years one out of three postings will have to be filled by immigrants due to baby boomers retiring and low birth rates.

Businesses also need to pay attention to their sales and marketing. It is important to get a grasp on what is the makeup of their clientele. Is it changing and if so then are they being marketed in a unique way to meet their needs.

Chances are many companies continue with practices that worked in the past. But now they probably have to shift gears because their clients and their needs have changed.

Also important to  pay attention:  Does your organization have a diversity policy? And if so then to what extent is that being implemented. A lot businesses talk about diversity, but they do not always implement the solutions.

Times are changing and organizations need to change their business cultures if they want to survive and prosper in the coming years.