As the business climate around the world becomes more intertwined, it is vital for ceos, executives and mangers to become more culturally attentive, especially when working abroad.

Here are several key points to keep in mind when doing research on a country and its business culture. First point,  in many countries, there is more than one culture, religion and the manner in which business is conducted.

A prime example would be India, one of the fastest economically growing nations in the world. India being the largest democracy is a true multicultural country with many religions, languages and cultures.

In a nation of over one billion citizens, how business is conducted in the state of Punjab maybe totally different in the southern-western state of Kerala. Each state has its own official language, religion and how business transactions are carried out. On a brighter note, English is spoken in many parts of the country.

 Cultural knowledge is the key to succeeding in today’s business world.