Stereotyping in the workplace can have a devastating effect on the morale of the workforce which these days is becoming increasingly culturally diverse. Such negativity also hurts the company’s bottom line: productivity and profitability.

To break down stereotyping, first is to recognize and then it is to have an honest dialogue. Conversation often reduces bias because we learn more about each other and reach understanding. Conversation reduces biases by educating us on misinformation and it limits the spread of bias.

Imagine if every single one of us eliminated one stereotype from our consciousness it would not continue to be perpetuated and would eventually vanish.

Steps to Eliminate Stereotypes:

• Respect and appreciate other’s differences.
• Each individual is different and unique, yet at the same time and in many ways quite similar.
• Consider what people have in common. A lot more than you may realize. We all want a good life and have common human desires and needs.
• Realize that if a person is different than you, chances are that you probably also look foreign to him or her.
• Avoid making assumptions or creating labels based on superficial traits.

The first step is to be honest and recognize your preconceived notion about others and why you have formed them. And then to take an active approach to educate yourself. In today’s society and in the workplace there is no place to have stereotypes.