The benefits of a diverse cultural staff in today’s workplace are astounding! These days, especially in North America, an organization will probably have on their payroll employees consisting of senior citizens, baby boomers, Gen X and 20 something. Plus a multicultural diverse workforce: gays, lesbians and a variety of ethnicities.

No longer is the workforce homogeneous, which is good. This variety of talent allows companies to attain the best when it comes to decision making, customer service and productivity.

This is important because whenever a complicated problem needs to be solved, a company has access to different levels of education, global work experiences and life skills from different eras.  No longer is there a one track mind when it comes to finding a solution, especially today when the markets at home and abroad are changing quickly.

Furthermore, having staff members from abroad allows businesses to know what is being sold in various parts of the world. Since they speak a variety of languages, this allows companies to be proactive when it comes to selling their goods and services to rest of the world. They are the ambassadors. This is also applies to changing market at home such as in Metro Vancouver, B.C. (Richmond and Surrey).

To fully utilize the talents of a diverse staff, companies need to be open minded and ask for help. For various reasons, many owners and managers fail to tap into this wealth of knowledge from their staff. Employees love to share their knowledge and experiences but at the same want to be recognized.