Many of us are quite nervous or unsure what to expect when going for an interview. Although preparation is key to having a successful interview, but nonetheless certain unknown elements begin to creep-up: Will I say the right things? Or will I be compatible to fit into the company’s team? Or will I be liked?

Assuming the interview goes well.  Avoid making one of the biggest mistakes, which is staying longer after the interview is completed. One may think staying afterwards to chit-chat will allow you to make a better impression, which is not always true.

To stay longer is not necessary unless asked to do so by the interviewer to introduce you other personnel in the company. And if you do end up staying after the official interview, then avoid letting down your guard by saying something that is not appropriate or ramble on much about nothing.

Once the interview is completed, thank everyone for their time and exit the room! This will show you are professional, courteous and businesslike.

By leaving right away will allow the interviewer to make notes and necessary recommendations. Do not forget to send the interviewer(s) a thank you note, which once again highlights your professionalism.