Diveristy organizations are a critical compoment for all businesses and immigrants.

Wage Disparity in Hollywood Persist

No one said life is fair, especially in Hollywood, which has been in the spotlight recently again for all the wrong reasons. This time Hollywood has been rocked by the wage disparity between male and female actors. Mark Wahlberg was paid $1.5 million, while his counterpart, Michelle Williams, paid only $1,000 for shoot on All [...]

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Racism on a World Stage: Where is the Common Sense?

  Diversity in any organization or society usually brings strength because it allows different points of views to flourish instead of narrow minded thinking. This is more vital today than ever before due to globalization. While many business leaders believe that diversity is beneficial, but it does not help the world move forward when one [...]

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  Diversity Needed in Film and Television   In recent months Hollywood has been rocked by sexual allegations by various male and female actors, which includes prominent icons such as Angelina Jolie and Gwyneth Paltrow. One time powerful Hollywood men, such as Harvey Weinstein and Kevin Spacey who were untouchable are now being crushed by [...]

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Advantages of a Diverse Workforce

At one time, many organizations tried to reflect the changing society by having a diverse ( multicultural) workforce because it was a right thing to do. I remember working at one radio station where they were pressured by various institutions, including the CRTC to have more female broadcasters. And they eventually did by hiring just one [...]

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Lack of Loyalty in the Workplace

One of the keys to having a thriving and prosperous organization is to have a dedicated and loyal staff. This is easier said than done because many employees will argue that there is very little loyalty on the part of the businesses. Since I spent so time much in the ethnic and mainstream media, that [...]

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Making Diversity and Inclusion a Priority

Your organization’s success and ability to compete at home and abroad depends on your ability to embrace diversity, and realize the many benefits. Any form of diversity initiatives starts with ceos, top-level managers, supervisors and then trickles down to include each and every employee. It is about changing policies and procedures to support diversity in [...]

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Culture Clash in a Business Setting

Sometime ago I was at one of the largest Canadian banks depositing a cheque when I noticed a conflict erupted between an employee and a long time valued customer. At the entrance, a bank employee was greeting and handing out customers a wrapped toffee from a large candy dish. The bank employee, a young lady [...]

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Diversity Impacts Organizations

How does diversity impact today’s changing global business environment? First, all organizations need to recognize that they will not be able to compete successfully on the world stage if they do not embrace cultural diversity. Diversity in the workplace simply means having a competitive edge because it allows business leaders to be more innovative and [...]

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Racism Still Present in British Columbia

It seems racism is still alive and well in one of Canada's foremost provinces, British Columbia. According a to a new survey commissioned by Vancity Credit Union, 82 per cent of the visible minorities in B.C. have experienced some form of racism. And 56 per cent of people surveyed indicated that they have overheard racist [...]

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Managing Diversity in the Workplace

Leaders of many small and large organizations  are beginning to realize that cultural diversity in their workplace is an essential element when it comes to profits and productivity. They also realize that it should be embraced with open arms by everyone in the organization. To manage cultural diversity effectively certain strategies have to be implemented. [...]

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