How to Successfully Lead a Diverse Team   In today’s changing global work environment, many employees speak a variety of languages. And they often have different customs and values. Leaders need to shift their managerial style if they wish to successfully lead a  multicultural team. One of the biggest challenges facing many managers [...]

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Diversity Ineffectiveness: Recognize and Avoid Today's workforce is much more diverse than only ten years ago not only in North America, but also in many other parts of Europe. Every employee in any organization from the top to the bottom needs diversity and cross-cultural sensitivity training and education. They also need to undergo a series [...]

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Stereotyping in the Workplace has Severe Consequences

Stereotyping is a bias, an inflexible belief about a person, group or culture. Apparently one of the biggest underlying elements that can tear-down the cohesiveness's in a diverse multicultural workforce is stereotyping. Another definition provided by Stedman Graham in in his book Diversity Leaders not Labels suggest a stereotype might be an exaggerated image or [...]

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Removing Toxic Work Environment

Many of us at one time or another have worked in a toxic environment that result in feelings of being unwanted and unappreciated. Such work environment is neither beneficial for the employee or the company, especially when it comes to cultural harmony, productivity and profits. Toxic environment could refer to many elements in the workplace, such [...]

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Retaining a Multicultural Staff

Organizations  understand that keeping valuable staff is critical to the success of their company, particularly when the make-up of the North American workforce is becoming increasingly multicultural. The benefits of retaining a multicultural staff are endless. Organizations that achieve a higher retention rate require fewer resources to hire and train new employees. According to the [...]

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Businesses Must Adapt or They Will Falter

The business environment is constantly evolving at home and abroad. And when it comes to diversity and inclusion, here are some key factors, which organizations need to address, if they still want to thrive and prosper in the coming years. In today’s global business market, management requires the expertise and tools to deal with changing [...]

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Creating an Environment Where Everyone Belongs

  These days, it's very important to have a stable workforce, otherwise an organization becomes a revolving door. Constantly having to replace employees is costly both in time and money and it has a detrimental effect on company morale. To create a welcoming atmosphere designed to achieve a high level of employee retention, then mentoring [...]

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Diversity Training is Essential

With populist leaders around the world singing the tune of protectionist and shunning others who seem different is a serious concern not only for the business community but also for the rest of the world. And apparently such narrow thinking also has the tendency to seep into organizations. It simply gives permission to certain individuals [...]

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Take Diversity Training More Seriously

Diversity and cultural sensitivity training became popular when several high profile companies paid out hefty fines due to discrimination lawsuits in the late 1990s and 2000s. Smith Barney and Merrill Lynch paid out $100 million each to settle sex discrimination. And Morgan Stanley paid out $54 million and in 2007 Morgan was once again hit [...]

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Overcoming Unconscious Bias

It seems certain percentage of the population hold some form of unconscious bias toward certain individuals or ethnic groups. Unconscious bias is not deliberate, but rather it is in our blind spots that most of the times we are not even aware of. Unconscious bias is far more common than deliberate prejudice and often contrary [...]

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