Take Diversity Training More Seriously

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Diversity and cultural sensitivity training became popular when several high profile companies paid out hefty fines due to discrimination lawsuits in the late 1990s and 2000s. Smith Barney and Merrill Lynch paid out $100 million each to settle sex discrimination. And Morgan Stanley paid out $54 million and in 2007 Morgan was once again hit [...]

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Diversity: Business Climate

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In today's volatile business climate, especially what is happening in the US with the new administration, it's important that businesses are proactive on several fronts. For any organization to survive and thrive, they can no longer afford not to embrace diversity and inclusion. The ideal business climate, companies should be striving for is one that [...]

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Overcoming Unconscious Bias

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It seems certain percentage of the population hold some form of unconscious bias toward certain individuals or ethnic groups. Unconscious bias is not deliberate, but rather it is in our blind spots that most of the times we are not even aware of. Unconscious bias is far more common than deliberate prejudice and often contrary [...]

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Eliminating Stereotypes

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Any type of stereotyping in the workplace can be detrimental. They are quite harmful and limiting not only to those who are stereotyped, but also to the rest of the employees who work in that organization. Breaking down, recognizing and eliminating stereotypes begins with dialogue. Conversation reduces bias because we learn more about each other [...]

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Retaining a Multicultural Workforce

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In today's competitive work environment, the first and foremost objective for a company is to hire the most qualified candidate(s). And the next important point is to retain those valuable employees so your company does not become a revolving door. Constantly having to replace staff is costly both in time and resources. In addition, it [...]

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Putting Diversity at the Forefront

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Hopefully your organization is at the point now where top decision makers are beginning to realize that in order to thrive in the 21st century and to rise to the top of your industry, they must put a high value on the diversity of your employees, your clients, and even your suppliers Diversity must become [...]

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Tips for Cross Cultural Communication

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  Cross cultural communication is about getting your message across to people who might be from different cultures. And proper communication is vital in today's multicultural workforce. And these days in globalization environment, many corporations send their employees abroad to work on various projections. It is important that one is able to communicate effectively and [...]

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Diversity Trainers are Popular

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Many proactive organizations  that not only want to succeed, but excel in today's ever changing business climate are beginning to rely on diversity trainers to give them an edge. Apparently this is just one form of education that was not given much thought  ten or fifteen years ago. Here are several more reasons as to [...]

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Diversity Pitfalls to Recognize and Avoid

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In today's changing business climate every person in an organization from a CEO to a regular staff member needs diversity/cultural sensitivity training and education. They must also undergo a serious personal analysis of their attitude and beliefs about working with others who are different from them. The workforce that we know of today will become [...]

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Diversity in the Workplace Makes Sense

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The workforce in North America is no longer homogeneous, but rather extremely diverse: age, languages, people of color, disability, GLT, etc. And this trend will become even more prevalent due to globalization. While some astute business owners view this trend as a great business opportunity, but some others are not sure what to make out [...]

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