Principal Consultant

You can learn much about cultural diversity from just reading and studying Gobinder Gill’s recently published book, 
Achieving Prosperity through Diversity.

You can learn even more by hearing him share, in person, personal and professional insights too numerous to include in a book.

Gobinder has watched (as well as helped) society change considerably since he was a child in school and a young adult in the workforce.

While Canadian society today tolerates and even embraces cultural diversity, there is more to it than simply appreciating cultural attributes such as food, music, and art.

Different historical and cultural backgrounds form world views that still manage to clash in contemporary workplaces. Understanding each other better, through cultural awareness training, can help minimize those clashes.

Gobinder Gill overcame personal adversity by embracing his own diversity. In the process, he has uncovered a driving passion to share his insights with those who have the vision to recognize the untapped wealth within our country’s diverse population, and the desire to tap into it.

His book is available on this website, at Amazon and Chapters. Gobinder is available for private consultations, public speaking engagements, seminars and workshops.


Gobinder Gill has a profound perspective on Canadian diversity that can only come from first-hand experience.

Overcoming a disadvantaged childhood and racial prejudice, he built a distinguished career in the broadcasting industry. Today Gobinder Gill has an impressive resume of experience in the mainstream as well as ethnic media, including radio, TV, film and print.

Orphaned in India at the age of eight, Gobinder was raised by relatives, and immigrated to Canada a year later. After graduating from high school in Prince George, B.C., he came to Vancouver in 1981 and entered the workforce — only to find himself once again encountering prejudice and discouragement.

A determined optimist with a strong work ethic, he ignored the naysayers who told him he would amount to nothing. Instead, he followed his vision and pursued his dream of a career in the media. At the same time Gobinder also acquired a Bachelor of Applied Journalism degree as well as several diplomas and certificates in acting and film.

During his career, Gobinder acquired over two decades of experience in a variety of positions, including on-air operator, on-air radio announcer, program coordinator, advertising sales representative and advertising sales manager.

As well, he has written a syndicated column and numerous articles for Metro Valley Newspapers and The Vancouver Sun on business, cultural diversity and other issues involving ethnic communities. He worked for CBC Radio and Television as a reporter and researcher. He had principal acting roles in television dramas (such as Air Wolf) and television commercials. He has also worked as a movie and a TV set decorator (titles include Air Buddies, Dr. Doolittle, Another Cinderella Story and Psych).

He has provided cultural awareness training for companies and organizations. In addition, has written a book on cultural diversity in the workplace called Achieving Prosperity through Diversity and is available for public speaking engagements, seminars and workshops